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LogoWashington Softwares Ltd (WSL), a product based, Indian Software Company, launched a unique package 'My Home' in Indian market in a Press Conference held here at Hyderabad on 12th March 2001. It is a unique global product never before launched in home segment. Targeted at the families of the new millennium, 'My Home' enables organizing family affairs, accounts, asset management as well as various family data. With the software made available now, one can run the household affairs far more efficiently than ever, says Sanjay Sonawani, Chairman of WSL.

"Though there were so many business softwares flooding the market, the home segment was neglected by the IT World. Personal Computers installed at home had little utility, as they couldn't provide any help in managing day-to-day home affairs. Taking this into consideration and in accordance with the needs of the modern families WSL decided to make this software,'' explained Mr. Sonawani, while talking about the story behind 'My Home'.

Sanjay Sonawani'My Home' has several features like budgeting, accounting, maintaining virtual pass books, tracking family assets, balance sheets, diaries, memoir, e-mails, reminders, preserving family audio-video albums, data management on family members such as education, medical, car maintenance as well as on friends and relatives etc.

'My Home', which was developed in 6 months time by 16 software professionals has several other advantages. "We developed the product to make ordinary housewives IT prone, who are otherwise computer illiterates. To use 'My Home' one doesn't require any formal knowledge of computers. An ordinary woman with basic education can use it", says Anil Roy, Vice President, Corporate Communications of WSL.

According to figures available, approximately 5.7 million Personal Computers are there in India, of which 20 per cent being in home segment. According to Mr. Anil Roy, "Usage of PCs in home segment is on the rise as prices are getting more and more affordable by the day. And this trend is encouraging more families to go for them. This augurs good potential for the product in the months to come."

My Home package"Though the scope of 'My Home' is large, we priced the product at Rs 350, which is cheaper than even a Music CD. Pricing has been done in order to make the product affordable for every PC user as well as to stop piracy," added Mr Sonawani.

"My Home has already registered a sale of 2000 units in a months time even before its formal launch. We plan to sell over a lakh CDs in this year," said Sonawani. 'My Home' runs on Windows 95/98, with minimum requirements of IBM compatible PC 486 DX 33 or higher configuration, with 8 MB RAM and CD-ROM Drive.

Washington Software Limited (WSL), a Pune based company, specializes in making software products for mechanical design engineering, Machine-to-Machine interface for process industries, Water and Sewage Management as well as small business segment. WSL has undertaken a task to develop large series of products. 'My Business', an ERP package for small-scale industries, traders and business, is in the pipeline of WSL and expected to be launched in April 2001. 'My Home' package is available in all leading books and computer products stores.

Further information on 'My Home' can be had from: Washington Software LTD, Building No. 3C, A1 Wing, Flat No 7, New Ajantha Avenue, Paud Road, Pune - 411 029, Maharastra. Phones: 020-543 8635, 544 4134, Fax: 020-542 0424

- Krishna Chaitanya Karanam

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