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 Ideal market Where can we see the real buzz of business in Hyderabad? At huge shopping complexes or at tiny street-side shops? The answer may be difficult but not impossible if you observe the bazaars of Old City. Comparatively, a good number Hyderabadis prefer shopping at the street-side rather than showrooms.

Why street-side shopping even in 'hitec' days? Hyderabad is always a city synonymous with the Nawabi culture. The nawabs were responsible for lending a distinct image to the city, which is unique. Often called the gateway of South, Hyderabad blends the north and south Indian identities. Along the times, it has developed its own distinct style. Even today, it offers history, culture,  Lad bazaar's  chudiya entertainment, crafts and above all the chudian of Lad Bazaar. A trip to Hyderabad is incomplete if one misses to visit the Lad Bazaar. Especially for the women. After a soft drive through the wide and free roads of the new city, one would feel claustrophobic while navigating through the congested roads of the old city. Still all roads lead to Lad Bazaar, where the real business buzz can be seen. Lad Bazaar holds its own speciality as the best place for bangles.

Located near Charminar, Lad Bazaar is the oldest street of Hyderabad. Its charm lies in the tiny little shops. Many of these are the examples of older generation's passion. Some say Lad bazaar was founded by Ladli Begum, the wife of sixth Nizam of Hyderabad. Yet another version is that it was first called Lord's Bazaar or the bazaar meant for 'nobility'. Lad bazaar is a later day evolution of the same name. It had other names like Bridal bazaar, Jadwa bazaar, Meena bazaar, Chudi bazaar and Joda bazaar. It would be your choice to choose the wide range of products with the best bargains. The antique jewellery in kundan and enamel, beautiful old bidri tapestries, silver, crystal and pearls are unique. The cost of bangles and jodai like Mughal-e-Azam, Banjara and Ek hi Rasta varies from Rs. 50 to Rs. 500.

Another feature of Lad bazaar is that one can get all types of Choosing the best herbal cosmetics like Mehandi, Chiksa, Agar-bar-makhi (used by brides after bath), Ammi Haldi, Hussani masala and Hussani Mehandi. These cosmetics were used by the queens of Asafia dynasty. Bindi stickers, costly nail paints, bangles, under garments, bridal silk sarees, kids ware, Gold covering, leather luggage, vanity bags, plastic material, kitchen ware, house furnishing material and what not every thing is available in Lad bazaar which best suits an ordinary life. The pagdi shops, with exotic headgear for marriages in silks, cotton, organza and tissue in Pakistani, Peshwari, Rajasthani or Turkish style in every shape and size are available here for sale or hire. They make all types of marriage outfits ranging from Rs. 300 to Rs. 50,000. Sometimes it goes up to one lakh depending on the requirement of the customer. Most of the business comes through the tourists, specially from Gulf and Pakistan.

Visiting this place and shopping here is an unforgettable experience. A place which blends the past with the present, and tradition with fashion.
-Krishna Chaitanya Karanam

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