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In an attempt to simplify the process of entry into AP, a centralized Documentation and Clearances Centre has been set up, which helps entrepreneurs and business houses take all clearances through one consolidated application. The Andhra Pradesh Industrial Infrastructure Corporation and the State Finance Corporation provide further assistance in infrastructure. The Commisionerate of Industries, on behalf of the investor, can take sanctions for power, water and other amenities. For smoother functioning, the Andhra Pradesh Government works in close association with the Foreign Investment Promotion Board of the Government of India.

Centralised Documentation and Clearances Centre (CDCC):

The Government of Andhra Pradesh has set up the CDCC as part of the Commissionerate of Industries, to assist business houses with large and medium scale projects in obtaining clearances/approvals/services required, in a time-bound manner. A district cell of the CDCC caters to the needs of units coming up in the small-scale sector.


  • To provide guidance and information needed by the entrepreneur to make the investment decision.
  • To expedite clearances/approvals/permissions required by entrepreneurs, for setting up industries.
  • Provide escort services to help in obtaining clearances/approvals/permissions from the various departments/agencies concerned.

The CDCC also maintains data pertaining to the industrial Entrepreneurs memorandum, Letters of Intent, Export Oriented Unit registration and COB, for business houses, from the date of receiving it, until the industrial unit commences production. In addition, it keeps details of progress of implementation by each industrial unit and deals with industry/unit specific issues.

Foreign Investment Promotion Board: (FIPB)


The objective of the Board will be to promote the inflow of foreign direct investment into India
(i) by undertaking investment activities and
(ii) through facilitating investment in the country by international companies, non-resident Indian and other foreign investors in projects which are considered to be of benefit to the Indian economy but do not qualify for automatic approval by the RBI and/or are outside the parameters of the existing policy for clearance of investment proposals. The Board shall consider all investment proposals with or without technical collaboration and/or industrial license.


The main functions of the Board will be as follow:

  • To ensure expeditious clearances of the proposals for foreign investment.
  • To review periodically the implementation of the proposals cleared by the Board.
  • To review, on a continuous basis the general and sectoral policy regimes relating to the FDI and in consultation with the Administrative Ministries and other concerned agencies, evolve a set of transparent guidelines for facilitating foreign investment in various sectors.
  • To undertake investment promotion activities including establishment of contact with and inviting selected international companies to invest in India, in appropriate projects.
  • To interact with the Industry Associations/Bodies and other concerned government and non-government agencies on relevant issues, in order to facilitate increased inflow of FDI.
  • To identify sectors into which investment may be sought, keeping in view the national priorities and also the specific regions of the world from which investment may be invited through special efforts.
  • To interact with the Foreign Investment Promotion council (FIPC) being constituted separately in the Ministry of Industry
  • To undertake all other activities for promoting and facilitating foreign direct investment, as considered necessary from time to time.

The Board will submit its recommendations to the Government from time to time.


The FIPB meets on a fixed day every week to ensure quick disposal of the cases and may have more frequent meetings whenever considered necessary. Foreign investment proposals received by the Board's Secretariat should be put up to the Board within 15 days of receipt and the Administrative Ministers must offer their comments either prior to and/or during the meeting of the FIPB. It is the endeavour of the FIPB to ensure that, as far as possible, the Government's decisions on a FDI proposal are communicated to the applicant within six weeks. The Board has the flexibility of purposeful negotiation with the investors and will consider project-proposals in totality, free from parameters, in order to ensure maximum Foreign Direct Investment into the country. It will function as a transparent, effective and investor-friendly single window, providing clearance for foreign investment proposals. The Board will lay down its own mode and working procedures, keeping in view the requirements of each proposal considered by it.

Approval levels:

The recommendations of the FIPB in respect of the project-proposals each involving a total investment of Rs. 600 crores or less would be considered and approved by the Industry Minister. The recommendations in respect of the projects each with a total investment of above Rs. 600 crores would be submitted to the Cabinet Committee on Foreign Investment (CCFI) for a decision. The CCFI would also consider the proposals which may be referred to it or which have been rejected by the Industry Minister. The letters of approval in all cases, will be issued by the Secretariat of the FIPB.

The Secretariat:

There is only one Secretariat of FIPB to be located in the Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion, Ministry of Industry. This Secretariat receives and processes the application/proposals for foreign investment and places them before the FIPB for consideration. Thereafter, it submits the recommendations of the Board to the Industry Minister or CCFI, as the case may be, for a decision. The Secretariat will ensure that all the applications received by it are put up before the FIPB within 15 days of their receipt and that the Administrative Ministries must offer their comments either prior to and/or during the meeting of the FIPB.

The Secretariat will also be responsible for the following:

1. Communicating to the applicants, the decision of the Government on their proposals

2. Carrying out the activities relating to post-approval amendments;

3. Providing advice and guidance to the entrepreneurs and investors

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