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How to use Hyderabadbest Map?
Hyderabad Best map is the new interactive feature introduced to make our visitors surf ur 'Hyderabad' city without getting out of their armchair. To get the best out of this map, please understand the following:


Information Panel: When the Hyderabad Best map is opened, you will find an Information box on the right top corner of the map. Inside the box one can find popular choices of categories to choose from. By checking the category / s of your choice, all the names of places / business outlets of the selected category /s are listed right below the Info panel (called Data panel) along with their respective 'Category' icons. Simultaneously the same icons are also plotted on the map to indicate their physical presence in the city.

When you 'Mouse-Over' the category icon on the map,The name of the place/business pops-up (See Image Below). Further clicking on the icon will open an info window, which provides basic information of that place or business with an option to click for 'Visit Us' which will connect you to their webpage/site.


The names of business outlets / places listed below the info panel & Search box can be also be selected / clicked. Once a name is selected and clicked, the physical presence of that place will be shown on the map with a pop-up info box.

The compact 'compass map' (Image shown on the left side) located at the bottom right corner provides easy & quick movement on the Hyderabad map. One can drag the main map fast by moving the 'square Cursor' in any direction. The compass map curtails the movement outside the Hyderabad district limits.


Want to find a fine restaurant or a shopping center near your hotel / area?

The Hyderabadbest Interactive map shows you the location of all the best places in the area to eat and drink. Similarly you can choose the BEST of various other icons (as shown below) , such as Best of IT / BPO companies, Sight Seeing, Hotels, Realty companies, Nightlife (Pubs), Shopping malls, etc

Realty   Food & Dining
Hotels   Nightlife
Shopping   Sightseeing
IT & BPO's        

On the top right side of the interactive map - 5 user buttons are available as shown above.

HOME : When you click on the home button everything will be 'reset' to the default position. HELP : This button brings the user to the current page. MAP: The default position of the Hyderabadbest interactive map uses the 'Map' option of the Google map.
If required one can also choose the 'Hybrid' or 'Satellite' option.

The Hyderabadbest map can be zoom 'In or Out', by using the zooming tool provided at the top left corner of the map.

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