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Wonders Of Hyderabad
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Hussain Sagar and Tank Bund Road

Hussain Sagar bridges not only culturally disparate Hyderabad and Secunderabad, known as twin cities all over the country, but constitutes a continuum between history and contemporainty. It was a quiet and placid lake of 24 kilometres built by Hazrat Husain Shah Wali on a tributary of the Musi during the time of that great builder Ibrahim Quli Qutb Shah in 1562 to meet the water and irrigation needs of the city.

There is a large monolithic statue of the Gautam Buddha in the middle of the lake which was erected in 1992. In the end of the Hussain Sagar one can find the Masjid and Dargah of Sayed Maa.

The Beauty that Surrounds


The lake is encompassed on one side by the beautiful Lumbini Park, an amusement park for the young and old alike. Then there is the enchanting Birla Mandir hewn on a hillock nearby. Standing on the Tank Bund at night, one is awe-struck to see the glimmering row of lights outlining the lake that look like “a diamond studded necklace”. This is the necklace road being readied to enhance the beauty of Hussain Sagar.

The majestic white arch that forms the entrance stands high and immaculate into the bluish white sky beckoning the motorists a free and easy passage on the wide long stretch of the Tank Bund. The two lions standing straight in support of the roof of the arch beside the pillars and the tapered dome with globular design akin to pinnacles on top are all styled after the traditional Hindu temple designs, much like the “simha dwaram” (the lion gateway). Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it connects the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Throughout the year the Tank Bund presents a picture of hustle-bustle of the regular traffic.

A Heritage Tomb - Masjid Sayed


The ASI declared Heritage Site. These unique lime and mortar tombs are beautifully carved and have marble inlay work on them. Located at the Tank Bund in Secundarabad, Saidani Maa Saheba Ki Dargah and mosque is one of the most renowned dargahs of Hyderabad. One of the remarkable instances of Islamic architecture, the tomb has been carved intricately with marble lattice work. One of the woman saints of the Nizam Era in Hyderabad, Saidani Maa Saheba Ki Dargah is one of the scared places wherein people throng in large numbers. An interesting fact behind the dargah is believed to be that it was built as a tribute paid to a mother from her son. One can visit the dargah throughout the week as per their own convenience and comfort.

Tank Bund Road - Bridging the Twin-Cities


Linking the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad, the lake and its environs have several parks and scenic spots. The broad road on the tank bund is lined with lawns and 33 statues of famous personalities of the State stand along the bund of the lake.

Got the Name!

An old tank that was used during the 1965 Indo-Pak War was captured and is displayed on the Tank Bund Road, the road on the Husain sagar connecting Secunderabad and Hyderabad. This is the Tank from which the road derives its name also. One can see it while crossing by the road.

Lower Tank Bund Road - Telugu Talli Flyover


Parallel to the Tank bund, is the Lower Tank Bund road which was primarily built to reduce traffic congestion. This lower Tank Bund road is heralded by the well known Missamma temple, the sprawling green Indira Park, Hyderabad, Bharat Sevashram Sangha, Ramakrishna Mission and Snow world. An important flyover Telugu Talli flyover rises from the Lower tank bund road and flies across the end of the Tank bund road.


Hussain Sagar Lake is a popular spot for sailing. Various regattas have been held here since 1971 jointly by the EME Sailing Association and the Secunderabad Sailing Club. The Hyderabad Sailing Week has been conducted here since 1984 when the first Laser boats ( an Olympic class boat) were introduced by the Laser Class Association of India. The event has grown from strength to strength from 10 Laser entries in 1984 to 110 Laser entries in 2009.The sailors from all over the country participated.

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